CITGO Business Fleet Rebate Program

The CITGO Fleet Select Card offers more advanced features than the CITGO Fleet Card. With customized controls, competitive rebates, and expanded fueling convenience, the CITGO  Select Fleet Card is a good choice for small and large businesses alike.

Earn rebates on fuel purchases at CITGO and allow fuel purchases anywhere Citgo Fleet is accepted.

Expanded Driver Convenience
Accepted for fuel and maintenance purchases anywhere MasterCard cards are accepted – over 175,000 locations nationwide.

Competitive Rebates
Earn up to 5¢ per gallon on fuel purchases at all CITGO locations. While drivers have the option to fuel at other brands, they can be encouraged to make CITGO their first choice for maximum rebate earnings.

Reduced Fraud
Use security prompting by requiring a Driver Identification Number (DIN) be entered before each transaction. Restrict purchases on each card during non-business hours. Plus limit cards to “fuel only” purchases to eliminate unauthorized purchases.

Individual Card Controls
Set purchase restrictions and spending limits for each card such as 2 transactions per day or $100 per day to avoid overspending. Set prompts for DIN and odometer readings to track fuel usage and monitor vehicle performance.

Online Account Monitoring
Access your account to monitor data 24/7. Customize reports to fit your specific business needs. And deactivate lost or stolen cards or request new ones any time through a secure website.

No Annual or Monthly Fee
Customers purchasing 5,000 gallons or more per month pay no annual fee. (Low $10 monthly fee for those purchasing less).

Find out more about CITGO's Fleet Card program by visiting their website


Gallons per Month
at CITGO locations


     GALLONS       CENTS
      500 – 2,499        1.0
   2,500 – 4,999         2.0
   5,000 – 6,999         3.0
   7,000 – 9,999         4.0
  10,000+                   5.0
CITGO Fleet Card

CITGO Fleet Select Card

CITGO Fleet Universal Card